“A massage at Dimora Pirrelli is much more than just a moment of relaxation, an unexpected touch”

Our masseuse will choose with you the ideal massage for your needs: anti-stress if you are on the run for a week of work, draining if you want to firm up the skin and lighten your legs.

Massage menu

  • Relaxing massage
    It acts on various points of the body, stimulates the energy of the body, reactivates the blood and lymphatic circulation.
    45 minutes
  • Ayurvedic massage
    Of Indian origins, it aims to restore a balanced condition in the body, generating physical and mental well-being.
    60 minutes
  • Californian massage
    Reduces muscle tension, and thanks to the essential oil, makes the skin more elastic and hydrated.
    45 minutes
  • Backbreaking
    Relieves tension and muscle spasms, loosens muscle knots, restores body balance, lowers pressure and increases oxygen supply to muscles, speeding up the healing process of inflammation.
    20 minutes
  • Olive oil massage
    Emollient anti-aging action, prevents stretch marks, eliminates the feeling of dryness
    45 minutes
  • Plantar reflexology
    Take advantage of the massage on specific points of the foot to restore body balance.
    Useful in case of congestion and tension, it helps against back pain, cystitis, anxiety and stress
    20 minutes
  • Scalp Massage
    It goes to treat the head, stimulating certain points on the skull.
    Helps nourish and strengthen hair follicles.
    Recommended for those suffering from migraine symptoms.
    20 minutes

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